MINDY SUE for Luxy Shades

My name is Mindy Sue and I'm 32 years young. I've been a beauty and fashion lover for every single one of those years. I was born in Macon, Georgia, the "Cherry Blossom" capital of the world. I now reside in Charlotte, NC. The same city where I attended University and received my BA in Political Science, concentrating in International and Comparative Politics as well as Public Policy.

I was a teacher for years after graduating college until I had an accident at work. Since then, for the past 5 years, I've been recovering from the accident and have had 4 surgeries. During this time, I learned to walk again after not being able to for almost 4 years against all of the doctor's bleak predictions! Having this experience has brought me so much PERSPECTIVE on the IMPORTANT things in life and it REIGNITED my desire to follow my passions.
I focused more on my passion for politics, canvassing and phone banking for Progressive Candidates and causes (among other work that I saw was needed and necessary). I believe in using your time and voice to improve the world and to help others with less privilege and less resources than I have.

During this time in my life I also created a beauty and makeup Instagram to use as an outlet to express my passion, to review new and interesting products and to connect with amazing people/brands in the industry. I began doing some work as a Makeup Artist and the Instagram has became so very much more than I ever imagined it could be!

I would describe my style as classic and classy, with a dash of edgy. That's why I love my SIGNATURE glasses that I have collaborated with Luxy Shades to create. The glasses are both classic and edgy. Classy but unique.

They come in several styles but my absolute fav is the Rose Gold frames (which are, of course, very in fashion now), but has been my FAVORITE precious metal for over a decade...(my engagement ring was even Rose Gold). I also wanted to have a pair of sunnies that had UV and sun protection while also having clear lenses. I've seen a gap in the market where I've tried to find non-prescription, clear lensed glasses with sun protection and the availability and styles are extremely lacking. I'm not a prescription glasses wearer but I love the chic and classy look of clear glasses. I have always wanted to find a pair that I could wear with confidence and style! The frames are similar to a classic aviator style, with a bit more roundness to add a little edge.

I hope that you see how awesome these shades truly are and use them to spice up any outfit. You can use them as an accessory for indoors or outdoors. (P.S I love the black frames on my hubby... Let's not leave out our boys!)

How will you style your #MindySueXLuxyShades? Just like me, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. AND you will feel confident & chic every time you wear my glasses!

My mantra in life is to NEVER forget to be kind. Your kind words to one person can make all the difference in the world. You never know their struggle. I KNOW because other's kindness has made an impact on me. 

I hope you can feel all the love & happiness that I truly desire for you all!

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