TINTIN for Luxy Shades

I'm Tintin Palomar, a single mom working as a guru in an e-commerce website and a Social Media Influencer. I do one minute video content through my Instagram, Youtube channel and Blog site. I am born and raised in the Philippines. Being a single mom I describe my style as “simple” my priority is to have something that is comfortable and presentable at the same time. I'm so busy with work, with my blogging journey and of course with my motherhood life that I always forget to have free time for myself but when I do I just go to coffee shops and write down notes on my journal like quotes for motivation, plans for the week or any life notes. That's my way of relaxing.

My mantra in life is “Always choose the happiness you deserve and don't forget to smile.” I always tell this to myself and to the people that are close to me. It's a reminder that even if there's a lot of problems that we deal with each day we have to always remember to keep positive in any way.

My passion is to influence the new generation of what it's like to be in our generation, those days where we don't care about social media, we had fun while we are under the sun and stars enjoying every single moment we had with friends and family. I want to also inspire others specifically those single parents that they can take good care of their kids whatever people say, as long they believe and that they do help their selves to be a good parent. And my biggest dream as a mom is just to have a simple yet healthy life with my dad and my son, a life where we enjoy every single moments together. As a Social Media Influencer, I want to be known as the person that inspires other people and that helps them in different kind of ways.

This pair of sunglasses was named after me, I choose this specifically because it tells a lot about me, simple but presentable, you can use this in everyday errands, office, mall or even in events. The style is so classy but not too flashy, just a typical 2018 sunglasses that everyone would love and wear for sure.

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