About Us

For the very beginning the main goal of our brand was to bring in front outstanding shades that everyone can use and enjoy as they see fit.

LUXY SHADES was created for women that have character, which exude confidence and passion. We want to offer them a way to evolve and showcase their charisma more than ever before.

Our store delivers these amazing sunglasses all over the world. You will have no problem getting the look you've always dreamed of and it really pushes the boundaries when it comes to finding the value and quality that you need.

At the same time, we deal with some of the most fashionable sunglasses out there. We created a thriving community that brings in front rewarding results and a great experience no matter what happens. It allows our customers to express themselves and enjoy fashion a lot more than ever before.

We have everything from luxury models to simple ones. It doesn’t matter if you want to improve your style, go adventuring, explore new options and locations or achieve your dreams, we are always here to help.

LUXY SHADES™ is fully dedicated to offer timeless, outstanding shades that are more than just a single fashion item. We sell extraordinary works of art and we always do whatever it takes to deliver stuff that’s reliable, affordable and at the same time extremely easy to use.

We believe that quality is extremely important, and that’s why we test every product before selling it. This way you can rely on us to give you the efficiency and value that you always wanted. Just consider giving that a try and the outcome will surprise you!

Don’t hesitate and consider opting for the LUXY SHADES if you want cool, visually impressive shades that everyone can enjoy. Nothing is impossible when you work with us, as you will have no problem obtaining great benefits and a tremendous experience, which is what you matter the most. It’s all about expressing yourself and adding that modern or traditional touch to the way you dress. It’s always rewarding and exciting to bring these things to the table, and with our sunglasses you can totally do that.

We encourage you to break the norm and try out something new for once, just browse our store and see what shades you love the most. Rest assured: You Are Going To Be Obsessed!